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Venezuela’s Long Game: What Maduro Stands to Gain on Dec. 10

The victory of Nicolás Maduro’s governing coalition in provincial elections on Oct. 15 marked a turning point for Venezuela’s opposition. The government proved it had a winning formula to keep its opponents’ electoral prospects in check – through trickery, repression and coercion – despite Maduro’s limited support among the population. The MUD opposition coalition, by … Read more


Venezuela’s Default: What Is Maduro Thinking?

The Venezuela debt saga continues to confound investors, with many wondering what exactly the government is hoping to accomplish with its current strategy. The possible explanations range from a search for a new scapegoat for the ongoing economic crisis (with the initials DJT), to a savvy maneuver to reduce the country’s liabilities. Trying to read … Read more

Daniel Arzola

AQ Top 5 Latin American Art Activists: Daniel Arzola

This article is adapted from AQ’s Top 5 list of Latin American art activists As Daniel Arzola stood at an awards ceremony in New York last June, the theater broke into applause. The actor Tituss Burgess had just recognized the 28-year-old illustrator for “creating change by creating art,” comparing his impact to that of the … Read more

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