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In Venezuela, Some Chavistas Are Quietly Drifting Toward the Opposition 
4 minute read

A reshuffle in political sympathies may increase the opposition’s chances in the upcoming July 28 election.

AQ Podcast |  Venezuela’s Election: How It Could Play Out
< 1 minute read

Venezuela's election is coming up soon. How likely is it that the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro will accept the result?

Igniting Guyana’s Long-Awaited Constitutional Reform

4 minute read

A reform initiative may help to end historic polarization exacerbated by a booming oil industry as the 2025 election looms.

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Why the U.S. and China Suddenly Care About a Port in Southern Chile

Punta Arenas is at the intersection of changing shipping routes, new industries like green hydrogen, and the race for Antarctica. The U.S. and China have noticed.

Five Keys to Better Port Security in Latin America

The region’s maritime hubs face a range of challenges, from narcotics to cyberattacks. AQ asked experts how they can upgrade their defenses.

Susan Segal: Latin America Needs More Infrastructure to Seize Nearshoring Opportunity

Governments must set their infrastructure priorities and define a role for the private sector, writes AS/COA’s CEO.


AQ Podcast |  What To Expect From Claudia Sheinbaum in Mexico
< 1 minute read

Scholar Viri Ríos on what explains Sheinbaum’s resounding victory and how she may use the mandate Mexicans have given her.

Latin America

Saudi Arabia Courts Latin America and the Caribbean
5 minute read

Next week’s Saudi-run summit in Rio is the latest step in the Gulf nation’s increased engagement with the region.


How Claudia Sheinbaum Will Be Different From AMLO
4 minute read

Mexico’s next president may prove less popular but “more competent” than her predecessor, the author writes.


Mexico's President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum celebrates her victory at the Zócalo in Mexico City on June 3.
REACTION: Sheinbaum’s Unexpectedly Big Landslide in Mexico
6 minute read

The ruling Morena party dominated the elections, securing Mexico City, new governorships and likely supermajorities in Congress.


AQ Podcast | A Surprising Case for Optimism in Peru
< 1 minute read

A former finance minister on how the country could make the most of high copper prices and new ports coming online soon


Bolivia's President Luis Arce greets supporters upon his arrival at the 10th congress of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) party in El Alto, Bolivia, on May 3, 2024.
In Bolivia, an “Intense” Battle Between Arce and Morales
5 minute read

The struggle between President Arce and Evo Morales for control of the MAS party is consuming national politics and jeopardizing the economy.


Three Things to Watch in Mexico’s Election
4 minute read

Beyond the presidential race, contests for nine governorships and Congress will shape the nation’s political future.


Argentine President Javier Milei (L) accompanied by Argentina's Chief of Staff Nicolas Posse (C) and Argentina's Interior Minister Guillermo Francos (R) arrive to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires on May 25, 2024. Francos will assume as Argentina's Chief of Staff after the resignation of Nicolas Posse, Milei's government reported in a statement on the social network X. (Photo by LUIS ROBAYO / AFP) (Photo by LUIS ROBAYO/AFP via Getty Images)
Javier Milei Tries Switching Managers
2 minute read

Guillermo Francos steps in to advance the economic agenda through Congress and help manage the government as the president focuses on international engagements.


Political Guarantees for All Are Crucial to Venezuela’s Election
5 minute read

A negotiated settlement between Chavismo and the opposition is the key to a successful election and democratic transition.


AQ Podcast | Panama: New President, Global Challenges
< 1 minute read

Panama sits at the intersection of several big global challenges. In this episode, an overview of what’s ahead for the recently-elected José Raúl Mulino.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader speaks to supporters after the first results of the general elections. After cruising to reelection, Abinader now has choices to make.
He Cruised to Reelection. Now Luis Abinader Has Choices to Make
3 minute read

The Dominican Republic’s president will weigh options for broader reforms and try to maintain momentum during his second term in office.


Relatives of missing people participate in a demonstration on May 10 in Mexico City. In Mexico’s Election, the Search for the Missing Should Be Front and Center.
In Mexico’s Election, the Search for the Missing Should Be Front and Center
5 minute read

Presidential candidates need to prioritize the country’s disappeared and the mothers searching for them.


The public watches a presidential debate between Xochitl Galvez, Claudia Sheinbaum and Jorge Alvarez Maynez in Mexico City in April.
Mexico’s Post-Election Fiscal Reality Check
4 minute read

Sheinbaum and Gálvez are downplaying the country’s budget peril, while Pemex’s current path is unsustainable.


Haiti's new Transitional Presidential Council takes the reins of a new interim government to choose Haiti's prime minister and Cabinet and guide the country to elections in 2026.
Haiti’s Transition Council Is Off to a Rocky Start
4 minute read

Internal divisions have already created chaos, but the country’s new leadership still hopes to stabilize the security crisis.


Guilherme Boulos Wants to Be the Brazilian Left’s Next Big Star
4 minute read

The activist turned lawmaker is running for mayor of São Paulo. Can he score a win for the left in an age of rising conservatism?

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