Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas
The Rise of José Antonio Kast in Chile

The ultra-conservative figure has surged as an option for voters alienated by the left.

What’s With All the Imperial Spanish Flags in Peru (and Elsewhere)?

A nationalist turn among Peru’s right-wing parties — and some sectors of the population — points to increasing polarization.

Colombia, Washington’s “Closest Ally,” Looks to Beijing

An expected surge in Chinese investment may bring Bogotá even closer.


The Battle Over Fake News

Inside Brazil’s Dangerous Battle Over Fake News

In the 2022 election campaign, Jair Bolsonaro and his followers may test the limits of democracy to protect their “right” to post.

How Latin American Governments Are Fighting Fake News

A close look at how governments are trying to curb the scourge of misinformation – to varying effects.

Latin America’s Evolving Relationships with China

AQ tracks how eight governments have managed their ties with Beijing over the past two years.


What President Duque Has Done for Venezuelans Is Heroic

As other countries closed their doors, Colombia’s president and its people lent a hand.


AQ Podcast: Argentina’s Frenzied Election

Bloomberg’s Carolina Millán on the political and economic fallout of an election still a month away.


Could Honduras Shift Left? A Look at Xiomara Castro

The former first lady and democratic socialist could become Honduras’ first female president. That may be the easy part.


The Ups and Downs of Guillermo Lasso

Ecuador’s president wants to change his country’s trajectory. Will his success survive offshore transaction revelations and a hostile legislature?

China and Latin America

Why Uruguay’s Bet on China Matters for Latin America

A prospective free trade deal could shake up South America’s protectionist trade bloc — and China stands to benefit.


Dollarization Can’t Save the Venezuelan Economy

Pragmatic adjustments have abated Venezuela’s collapse, but the bigger picture remains a bleak one.


How to Avoid a Caudillo in Colombia

Channeling the public’s desire for change in a constructive way is difficult. But here are some ideas.


AQ Podcast – Colombia: Is Radical Change Inevitable?

Reframing the country’s successes and failures is critical to preserving hard-won gains, says Mauricio Cárdenas.


Haiti’s Ariel Henry Makes a Play for Power

The process of rebuilding Haiti’s government has pitted the acting prime minister against much of civil society.

China and Latin America

Why Mexico’s Relationship with China Is So Complicated

Integration with both China and the U.S. benefits Mexico, but also presents challenges.

Climate Change

A “Green Arms Race” Could Be Great for Latin America

The U.S.-China rivalry could help create a more environmentally healthy and socially equitable hemisphere. But there are obstacles.


Have Brazilians Given Up on Bolsonaro?

The sinking approval ratings for Brazil’s president could be permanent, writes AQ’s editor-in-chief.


AQ Podcast – Special Edition: The White House’s Juan Gonzalez

President Biden’s top Latin America aide reflects on Washington’s strategy for the region.


The Man with Bolsonaro’s Fate in His Hands

Rather than initiate impeachment, House Speaker Arthur Lira is busy advancing his own agenda.


Will Mexico’s Economic Rebound Be Temporary?

The government’s latest economic package falls short of the reforms needed for sustained growth.

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