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On the Front Lines of Venezuela’s Worsening HIV/AIDS Crisis

This article was adapted from AQ’s print issue on economic opportunity and peace in Colombia AQ: How does the crisis in Venezuela specifically threaten people with HIV? Jesus Aguais: Eighty percent of people with HIV who should be on treatment are not. That’s terrible from a public health perspective. Not only are people going to … Read more


Venezuela: The Brutal Truth About Maduro’s Election Victory

By any measure, Sunday’s gubernatorial elections in Venezuela did not go well for the opposition. The regime of President Nicolás Maduro took 17 of a possible 23 seats, with, as of this writing, another still up for grabs. Marred by predictable irregularities and government manipulation, the MUD opposition coalition’s decision to participate failed to pay … Read more

Luisa Ortega Diaz

Luisa Ortega Díaz: The Venezuelan Opposition’s Unlikely Ally

Few question whether Venezuela’s former Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz is a true chavista. As Venezuela’s top law enforcement officer for nearly a decade, she followed the government line to the letter, including in the prosecution of demonstrators arrested in a wave of protests against President Nicolás Maduro in 2014. That is, until recently. In … Read more


How Venezuelans Could Reshape Elections in Florida

As an engineer, Jorge Pacheco never expected his job would make him the target of political persecution. But as Venezuela’s finances floundered and its public services deteriorated, the Venezuelan government blamed engineers at the state-owned electrical provider CORPOELEC for power grid disruptions. As political persecution became more common, the young man made the difficult choice … Read more


The Six Players in Venezuela’s Crisis

Venezuela is at a crossroads. President Nicolás Maduro is pushing ahead with a vote Sunday to elect a 545-member National Constituent Assembly (ANC) with powers to rewrite the constitution and cement his hold on power. Events over the next few days will determine the survival of Venezuelan democracy, the welfare of its population, and the … Read more


The Venezuelan Diaspora’s Role in Confronting Maduro

On Sunday, July 16 more than 7 million Venezuelans – at home and abroad – participated in a symbolic referendum against the constitutional convention proposed by President Nicolás Maduro. I was one of the votes from abroad. Besides casting my ballot, I also volunteered to accompany observers witnessing the process in New York City. We started by visiting … Read more


How Venezuelan Refugees Are Surviving in Brazil

For most Brazilians, the disaster unfolding in neighboring Venezuela is little more than another passing topic on the evening news. The daily protests in Caracas are more than 2,500 miles away from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, cultural ties between the two countries are limited, and the current political and economic crisis in Brazil … Read more


Venezuela: No Solution Without Beijing

For years, governments across the hemisphere have failed to halt Venezuela’s slow descent into strife-riven autocracy. This is partly because their discussions have overlooked an important element: Beijing’s key role as President Nicolás Maduro’s largest and most stalwart financial supporter. China as a political actor can no longer be left out of the search for solutions to … Read more


Venezuela’s Young Leaders: “We’re Responsible for Solving This Crisis”

With his arms covered in tattoos and a discourse of reconciliation, Miguel Pizarro has been a riveting presence on the front lines of anti-government protests, energizing the Venezuelan opposition – particularly young protestors and student activists. Pizarro, who grew up in Caracas’ biggest slum, has been in politics since he was a college student. His … Read more


Now Is Latin America’s Chance to Rally Against Maduro

Latin America should face an inconvenient truth – it has no workable strategy to confront the Venezuelan crisis. When the region’s foreign ministers meet at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington on May 31, they will have an opportunity to develop such a joint approach. They should do so. The clock is ticking … Read more


Jóvenes Venezolanos criados bajo el chavismo hoy protestan en su contra

Read in English Lorena recuerda su primera impresión de Hugo Chávez. Era el hombre del afiche que su padre, luego de votar, traía del centro de votación. “Me explicó que era el presidente y que estaba en una reelección,” cuenta Lorena. “Tenía yo seis o siete años. Me dijo que un presidente es quien se … Read more


Chávez’s ‘Golden Generation’ Is Now Fighting Chavismo

Leer en español Lorena remembers her first impression of Hugo Chávez. He was the man in the poster that her father brought from the polling station after casting his vote. “He explained to me that he was the president and he was facing a re-election,” Lorena recalls. She was around six years old. “He told … Read more

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