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Cautious Hopes for a Breakthrough in Venezuela

As the government and the U.S. near an agreement on sanctions ahead of opposition primaries and 2024 elections, what will it take to transition to democracy?


Chilean President Gabriel Boric will be pragmatic and economically focused on his first visit to China, with the energy transition on top of his to-do list with Xi Jinping.
Boric Needs to Tread Smartly on First Visit to China

The Chilean president will be pragmatic and economically focused, with the energy transition on top of his to-do list with Xi Jinping.


AQ Podcast: Making Sense of Venezuela’s Elections

Another crossroads in Venezuela, as Maduro negotiates with Washington on conditions for elections in 2024.


Using a referendum to reform Uruguay's constitution for partisan ends poses a significant and growing risk to the nation’s democracy.
Uruguay’s Challenge: Populism Without Populists

Plebiscites to reform the Constitution for partisan ends pose a growing risk to the nation’s reputation for policy stability.


Will This Be the Year Mercosur Breaks?

Multiple threats, including a deadline for a deal with the EU, menace Latin America’s longest-lived regional bloc.


How a Faded 1980s Party Explains Argentina’s 2023 Election

All three leading candidates have ties to the “Ucedé,” which has pushed a free-market agenda for decades.


Un Puente Dorado para el Gobierno de Maduro 

Quienes detentan el poder necesitan incentivos para participar en una posible transición democrática. Las investigaciones penales sobre corrupción y otros delitos conexos pueden proporcionarlos.


AQ Podcast | Bolivia: The Return of Evo Morales?

The longtime president wants to run again in 2025. What does it mean for the Andean nation?


A Golden Bridge for the Maduro Government

Those in power need incentives to engage in a potential democratic transition. Criminal investigations into corruption and related crimes can provide them.


Guatemalan President-elect Bernardo Arévalo speaks to supporters.
Guatemala: A Strategy to Protect Bernardo Arévalo

International support will be key to ensuring Guatemala’s president-elect takes office, despite corrupt forces working against him.


On Trade, Petro Should Emulate Lula, AMLO

A former Colombian planning minister writes that instead of revising trade agreements, his country and others should focus on solving market and government failures.


AQ Podcast: Who’s Who in Ecuador’s Election

A look ahead to the runoff on October 15. What can we expect from the candidates and what is at stake?

Foreign Policy

Republican Threats on Mexico Could Carry a Huge Cost

Even if it’s just rhetoric, Republican candidates’ discussion of military force against Mexican cartels risks souring relations across the region.

Left-Wing Politics

The Coming Crisis for Latin America’s Left-Wing Leaders

Social democrats now rule much of the region—but anti-incumbency, weak parties and more may soon make them an endangered species.


Two Issues That Will Reveal the Real Claudia Sheinbaum

Mexico’s unusually high fiscal deficit and the complex energy sector demand a clearer vision from the presidential hopeful ahead of 2024.

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