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AQ Podcast | South-South Ties: Hype And Reality

Latin American leaders are making south-south ties a main focus of their foreign policy. What does that mean in practice for business, trade and diplomacy?


Venezuelan opposition leader María Corina Machado speaks to supporters during a demonstration in Caracas in Jan. 2024. Infringing the Barbados Accord, Maduro’s regime is choosing to live in poverty. The opposition faces a difficult decision of its own.
Venezuela’s Opposition Should Draw Inspiration From an Unlikely Figure

Will María Corina Machado and regime opponents name a proxy candidate to outsmart a dictator desperately trying to stay in power?

Dominican Republic

Letter to the Editor: Lawfare in the Dominican Republic Deserves Attention

A response from AQ’s readers


How Russia Tries to Sway Latin America on Ukraine

The Kremlin is using trade and digital media to build on existing skepticism of the U.S. in the region.


The Problem-Solving Entrepreneurs in Brazil’s Favelas

In an era of surprisingly persistent poverty and hunger, some communities are making progress.


AQ Podcast: An X-Ray of Peru’s Tinderbox 

A broad look at what’s behind political instability in Peru and what it means for the country’s democracy and the economy


Actor Jaime Vadell as El Conde in Pablo Larraín's Netflix reimagining of Augusto Pinochet as ancient vampire. In the Oscar-nominated satire, Chile’s dictator lives on as a vampire. But it doesn’t take magical thinking to see his continuing influence on politics.
Pinochet’s Supernatural Staying Power

In an Oscar-nominated satire, Chile’s dictator lives on as a vampire. But it doesn’t take magical thinking to see his continuing influence on politics.


President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (center), Secretary of the Navy Jose Rafael Ojeda Duran (left), and Governor of the State of Oaxaca Salomon Jara Cruz (right) are attending the inauguration ceremony of the breakwater at the Port of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. The breakwater has been constructed to foster the development of the southeast region and enhance international trade by leveraging the country's geographical benefits.
AMLO’s Bet on Mexico’s South Is Paying Off—For Now

The initial success of public infrastructure investments will make them an enduring Morena priority. The gains may be a mirage.


São Paulo Governor Tarcísio de Freitas and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva exchange warm greetings at a February event.
Brazil’s Polarization Is Here to Stay Even As Politicians Have (Mostly) Dialed Down the Rhetoric

The political debate in Latin America’s largest democracy looks less destructive than it used to be.


AQ Podcast: Brazil’s Big Year on the Global Stage

A broad look at Brazil’s foreign policy as the country prepares to host the G20 summit later this year.


Bolsonaro Seems Finished. Bolsonarismo Lives On.

A large but somewhat uncertain rally points to a transition ahead for Brazil’s conservative movement.


Demonstrators against Colombian President Gustavo Petro's reform proposals gather at a Feb. 2023 protest in Bogotá. Petro’s pension reform now tests the Colombian Senate.
Petro’s Pension Reform Tests Colombian Senate

Despite having a minority in the upper house, the ruling Pacto Histórico may get the toned-down proposal approved. The House of Representatives will be tougher.


Lula’s Gift to Bolsonaro

The Brazilian president’s attacks on Israel reinforce political polarization and give the opposition room to breathe.


Maduro’s New Crackdown on Venezuela’s Civil Society

The regime is reactivating a dormant NGO bill, adding to fears of Nicaragua-style repression ahead.


AQ Podcast: Today’s LGBTQ+ Politics in Latin America

An expert’s overview of the state of LGBTQ+ rights in the region, and how they relate to politics.

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