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Venezuela, Guayana, Essequibo Dispute, Referendum, Border
Guyana Official: Venezuela’s Actions Are an “Unprecedented” Challenge

A longstanding border controversy has worsened following a massive discovery of oil, a top official at Guyana’s foreign ministry writes for AQ.


Haitians Want International Help, But Done the Right Way

International intervention must avoid the painful mistakes of previous missions, writes a Haitian civil-society leader.


Lula’s Security Policy is Rehashing Old Ideas

Brazil’s president is turning to the military to fight crime, a strategy that brings its own risks.


Argentine President-elect Javier Milei (left); Chilean President Gabriel Boric (center); Colombian President Gustavo Petro (right).
What Javier Milei Can Learn from Others’ Mistakes

The presidents of Chile and Colombia overestimated their mandates. Argentina’s next leader can avoid a similar path.


Why Ecuador’s Young President Matters to Washington

Democracy, immigration and the US-China competition all intersect in Ecuador. Here are three ideas on how US officials can help.


REACTION: Javier Milei Wins Argentina’s Presidency

The libertarian lawmaker finished 11 points ahead of economy minister Sergio Massa. Experts analyze what happened and what’s next for the country.


AQ Podcast: Mexico’s Elections Begin to Take Shape

Could a third candidate affect the course of the race for Mexico’s next president?

Foreign Relations

Latin American leaders have been far more critical of Israel's military campaign in Gaza than peers in Europe and North America.
The Israel-Hamas War Is Inflaming Polarization in Latin America

The region’s leaders have been far more critical of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza than peers in Europe and North America.


A Mexican National Guard member monitors a checkpoint in Chiapas, Mexico, in June 2023.
Chiapas Fears Organized Crime, and Military Intervention

Ascendant cartel power on the Mexico-Guatemala border is alarming Indigenous communities, but so is the prospect of militarization.


Mexico’s Water Crisis Is Spilling Over Into Politics

Drought across much of the country’s landmass is affecting economic activity and the upcoming presidential election.

U.S. Policy

U.S. President Joe Biden stands with Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader, Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou and Ecuadoran President Guillermo Lasso at the White House in Washington, DC, on November 3, 2023, at the inaugural Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity Leaders' Summit meant to boost U.S. investment in Latin America and counter China's growing influence in the region.
Did Biden’s Latin America Summit Offer Too Little, Too Late?

APEP suffers from a shortfall of ambition and participation, leaving out the region’s biggest economy, writes a foreign relations expert.


AQ Podcast | Chile: Gabriel Boric’s Conundrum

As Chile nears a plebiscite on a second proposal to replace the dictatorship-era constitution, AQ delves into the nation’s political state of play.

Gun Policy

U.S.-Style Gun Politics Are Spreading in Latin America

As crime levels rise, pro-gun positions are gaining strength in conservative movements across the region, worrying security experts.


Peru is experiencing brain drain as young professionals and skilled workers migrate to Europe, the U.S. and Canada.
Peru’s Next Generation of Leaders Is Leaving

Amid political chaos and economic downturn, more young Peruvians are going and staying abroad, threatening the country’s future.


Mexico City’s Mayor Race Will Echo Beyond the Capital

The competition to succeed Claudia Sheinbaum may be her first major test as a presidential candidate.

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