Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas


Dollarization Is No Silver Bullet for Latin America’s Inflation Woes

Recent proposals in Argentina and elsewhere tout a simple solution for a complex problem.


The Evolution of Colombia’s Gustavo Petro

The former Bogotá mayor is making his third run at the presidency and is leading in polls. Has he changed, or has the country?


A Challenging Start for Gabriel Boric

Chile’s young president faces sinking approval, as does the constitutional convention ahead of a critical September plebiscite.


REACTION: AMLO’s Energy Reform Rejected

The Mexican president’s landmark legislation failed to achieve a necessary supermajority in Congress.

Dominican Republic

Will Inflation Spoil the Dominican Republic’s Success?

President Luis Abinader has high approval amid high growth—but changing economic conditions are a threat.


AQ Podcast: From El Salvador to Mexico and Brazil, Democracies Under Pressure

What the region can do about a new authoritarian impulse, with HRW’s Tamara Taraciuk Broner.


Book Review: Things Are Never So Bad That They Can’t Get Worse

A journalist tracks Venezuelan history from boom to bust—and reveals the causes of today’s “tragic impasse.”


Javier Milei’s Unexpected Rise

A brash libertarian is disrupting Argentina’s political duopoly.


How Mexico’s Middle Class Holds the Key to 2024

The next presidential election will hinge on middle-class voters hit hard by inflation, lack of economic growth and COVID-19. 


Despite Everything, Bolsonaro Could Still Win

AQ’s editor-in-chief returns to Brazil and finds an unexpectedly open 2022 election.

Costa Rica

A Rocky Road Ahead for Costa Rica’s Rodrigo Chaves

The former economy minister’s victory reflects political disaffection as inequality threatens the country’s stability.


Industrial Policy Can Rescue Latin America from its Commodities Trap

Policymakers can reduce inequality by moving beyond past failed attempts at diversifying national economies.


AQ Podcast: Petro’s Race to Lose in Colombia?

The former Bogotá mayor’s path to the presidency may not be as clear as it looks, says a leading Colombian analyst.


A Music Festival Reveals the Generation Gap in Brazil’s Politics

A controversy over pro-Lula demonstrations at Lollapalooza overlaps with Bolsonaro’s bid to court older voters.


AMLO’s Risky Strategy: Put Mexico’s Military Everywhere

Long-term deployment and an ever-expanding mandate may harm the reputation of Mexico’s most trusted institution.

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