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El curioso caso de Alfredo Olmedo, “El Bolsonaro Argentino”

Read in English Por años, el congresista Alfredo Olmedo ha usado su característica chaqueta de color amarillo brillante y sus opiniones controversiales para sobresalir entre sus colegas políticos. Ahora, como candidato a la presidencia de las elecciones de Argentina en octubre, su estilo contra el establecimiento ha provocado comparaciones con otro Latinoamericano incendiario: el presidente … Read more

Students_Buenos Aires

In Argentina, a Historic G20 Meeting Looks to Set a Global Education Agenda

In a first for the G20 in its nearly two-decade history, education ministers from G20 member countries will meet in Mendoza on Wednesday to discuss global education trends and policy challenges. The fact that education ministers will have a seat at the table under Argentina’s G20 presidency is an overdue recognition that education is inseparable … Read more


Podcast: What’s Next After Argentina’s “Notebook Scandal”?

Subscribe to “Deep South” on iTunes and Soundcloud Are Juan Centeno’s journals evidence for a new Argentinian Lava Jato? This former military officer and government driver’s personal records have shaken the country, resulting in the arrest of prominent businessmen and former government officials. Both of the former Kirchner administrations are now under scrutiny and this case will surely … Read more

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