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AQ Podcast: How Evangelicals Are Transforming Politics in Latin America

An overview of evangelical Christianity in politics in the region - past, present and future.
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The spread of evangelical Christianity is changing politics in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and elsewhere in Latin America. In this episode of The Americas Quarterly Podcast, we do an examination of how far this has gone in a number of countries, from Brazil to Guatemala, and what it means for future elections in the region. Our guest, Professor Taylor Boas, is the author of Evangelicals and Electoral Politics in Latin America: A Kingdom of This World, which is expected to be published in February. Professor Boas argues that we are likely to see a stronger alliance between evangelicals and Catholics, and that while there have been electoral successes, evangelicals may actually be losing the culture wars in the region.

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Taylor C. Boas is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Boston University


Luiza Franco is editor, writer and podcast producer at Americas Quarterly

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