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The Next Frontier in Latin America’s Anti-Corruption Drive

This article is adapted from AQ’s latest issue on Latin America’s anti-corruption movement. It is hard to overstate the importance of international collaboration for investigating corruption in Latin America. Simply put, operations like Brazil’s Lava Jato would probably not have existed without the information and technical assistance provided by the U.S. or Switzerland—in particular, the sharing … Read more


How a Journalist Helped Spark an Anti-Corruption Wave in Panama

Lee en Español Running for office was never in Gabriel Silva’s plans. The 30-year-old lawyer, who on July 1 will begin his first term as a member of Panama’s Congress, was moved to enter politics out of desperation.  “Seeing the same corrupt politicians who have been there since I was born seeking re-election made me … Read more


Lava Jato’s Biggest Failure

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Despite popular support for anti-corruption efforts, Brazil hasn’t sufficiently attacked the underlying causes of graft. Why? 

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Are Mexicans Imagining Their Corruption Problem?

To hear some political elites tell it, Mexicans shouldn’t worry too much about corruption. Despite polls showing that citizens’ perception of corruption is higher than ever, President Enrique Peña Nieto and members of his government have recently suggested that the use of social networks has simply made long-existing crookedness more visible. Rather than fully accepting … Read more


The Next Step in Mexico’s Corruption Fight

Mexicans are fed up with graft, though their elected leaders have been slow to respond. Now, thanks to an increasingly vocal civil society, there are signs that impunity might no longer be certain, and that corrupt officials can expect political consequences for their misdeeds. “Mexico has awakened to notice that many of the dysfunctionalities of … Read more

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