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Panorama: Looking at our hemisphere from all directions (Spring 2008)

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Hispanic Voting

In states across the U.S., this year’s presidential primary elections have seen some of the highest voter turnouts in the past 40 years. Fighting for votes state-by-state, candidates are courting an increasingly important electorate: the Hispanic population.

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Unconventional Journalism: Few publications could get away with placing a story about a 300-pound stripper dressed as a nun on the same page as a piece on social inequality. In Chile, The Clinic, a newspaper where parody meets investigative journalism, offers an alternative to mainstream media. Published twice-monthly, with 230,000 readers in Santiago alone, it is one of the most successful major media outlets established since Augusto Pinochet left power. The magazine is named after the building where Pinochet was held in England in 1998 while awaiting trial.

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