Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

How to Reverse COVID’s Toll on Latin American Education

Despite grim statistics, a post-pandemic renaissance in learning is possible – if governments choose the right path.

Argentina’s Creative Work to Get Kids Back in Class

In the outskirts of Buenos Aires, aggressive outreach programs aim to reduce dropout rates. Is it enough?

Graphic: The Hard Truth About Latin America’s Education Crisis

AQ crunches the data on pandemic-triggered closures, dropout rates and more.

Susan Segal: Fixing Education Should Be Our Top Priority

Thoughtful investment in learning after the pandemic is a must for the region’s leaders.

Facing Hunger, Venezuelans Rely on Nature’s Bounty

Photographer Andrea Hernández Briceño depicts how the land provides a precarious solution to the country’s food shortages.

Edu Lyra: How to Fight Poverty from Within

Brazilian NGO Gerando Falcões reaches hundreds of favelas by partnering with local activists.


Film Review: One Woman’s Intimate Rebellion

A Swedish–Costa Rican director takes an unexpected approach to themes of sexuality and religious devotion.

Book Review: Will Bolsonarismo Outlast Bolsonaro?

A new book by Richard Lapper sheds light on Brazil's culture of popular conservatism.

Book Review: The Life of a Guerrilla Turned Filmmaker

A Colombian novelist puts a fictional spin on the extraordinary biography of director Sergio Cabrera.

AQ’s Winter Playlist: Two Musicians Turning Tradition Inside Out

A pyrotechnic Brazilian pianist and a transgender Mexican “witch” put daring new twists on established musical convention.

Long View: When An Austrian Archduke Became Emperor of Mexico

The little-known story of the 19th-century French invasion that gave rise to Cinco de Mayo.

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