Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

A 2022 Overview of Latin America: Key Indicators

AQ’s snapshot of who is in government, where economies stand and how societies are faring in 10 countries.

Susan Segal: Social Inclusion Should Be a Priority at the Summit of the Americas

The hemisphere’s leaders have a rare chance to champion diversity and digital infrastructure.

The Summit Is a Great Chance for Better Cooperation on Migration

At the Summit of the Americas, leaders should take three steps towards a joint hemispheric approach to the crisis.

“This Can Be Done”: In Honduras, Farmers Adapt to a Changing Climate

Rather than heading north, some Central Americans are rotating crops and making other changes. But funding is scarce.

Haitians Deserve a Rethink on International Aid

Instead of sticking with failed strategies, the international community should target micro-loans to small-scale farmers.

Central America Is Still Recovering from Hurricane Mitch

The 1998 hurricane ended a decade of promise, highlighting the need to better prepare for the next climate-related disaster.

In Tattoos, Protests and Street Art, Perón’s Legacy Lives On

Argentines are still commemorating, and arguing over, Juan and Eva Perón, as this photo essay shows.

One Year Later: Destruction, But Also Bright Spots, in the Amazon

AQ takes stock of developments since our special report on sustainable development.

A 22-Year-Old Mexican Entrepreneur Wants to Fix Logistics

Nowports is targeting bottlenecks in Latin American trade, as demand for nearshoring increases.


The Critics Are Coming for Roberto Bolaño

After decades of praise, some are souring on the late literary icon. A new book defends his legacy.

Caio Fernando Abreu’s Legacy Is Thriving in the Internet Age

Brazilian millennials love this writer from the 1980s—and his tender depictions of queer life in the big city.

Reimagining Shakespeare’s Misunderstood Women

An Argentine director’s film series turns the Bard’s plays inside out to find new roles for female characters.

AQ’s Spring Playlist: Cataloging the Virtues of a Brazilian Favorite

Will Marisa Monte’s latest album open a door to greater recognition for Latin American artists?

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