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AQ Podcast: What a Biden Presidency Would Mean for Latin America

A focus on long-term challenges would shape Biden's policy toward the region, says a former special advisor.
Nikita Kataev
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“The countries of the hemisphere are at an inflection point,” writes Juan S. Gonzalez, a former special advisor to Vice President Joe Biden, in a new op-ed for AQ. Gonzalez spoke to AQ‘s Brian Winter about how a Biden administration might lead the region in confronting challenges like COVID-19, climate change and democratic instability, with insight into how Biden might engage Nicolás Maduro and why the presidential contender sees Colombia as the “keystone to the region.”

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Juan S. Gonzalez is a principal at JSG Strategy and a former special advisor to Vice President Joe Biden.

Brian Winter is the editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly.  

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