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AQ Podcast: The Mystery of Pedro Castillo, Peru’s President

How to explain the administration's oddly quiet start – and what to expect in the months ahead.
Nikita Kataev
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It’s been six months since Pedro Castillo was sworn in as Peru’s president. But despite the threat of impeachment and a crisis in the mining sector, he has yet to offer a clear view of how he wants to govern. Andrea Moncada, a Peruvian journalist, analyst and contributing columnist to AQ, joins the podcast to examine Castillo’s political isolation and uncomfortable relationship with power thus far.

Correction: This podcast incorrectly stated Fitch’s Peru GDP forecast for 2022. It should have said that Peru’s government expects 4-5% growth, while many private forecasts are for significantly less, including Fitch’s revised forecast for a 2.5% expansion.

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Andrea Moncada, a contributing columnist to Americas Quarterly, is a Peruvian journalist and political analyst currently based in the UK.

Brian Winter is AQ’s editor-in-chief. 

Supplemental reading: 

Pedro Castillo Isn’t Out of Danger by Andrea Moncada

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