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AQ Podcast | Argentina: Javier Milei Runs into Resistance

Javier Milei’s ambitious reform agenda has run into obstacles in Congress. What does it mean for Argentina’s political and economic future?
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Javier Milei came into office in Argentina promising radical changes. Once there, Milei moved quickly and aggressively – through decrees and an “omnibus” bill sent to Congress he pushed changes to more than 300 laws. While the decrees are still valid, the omnibus bill failed to get approved. On today’s podcast we’ll try to take stock of where Argentina stands now. What is the future of Milei’s proposed reforms? What is the status of his political support after a little more than 2 months in office? How is the opposition organizing? And where have these past couple of months left the Argentine economy? Our guest is political risk analyst Juan Cruz Díaz.

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Juan Cruz Diaz is a political risk consultant


Brian Winter is editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly

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