Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

María Teresa Ronderos

María Teresa Ronderos is editor-in-chief of Semana.com and author of Retratos del Poder (2002) and 5 en Humor (2007).


Andrónico Luksic Craig

Andrónico Luksic Craig is the vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco de Chile.


Nicolás Ducoté

Nicolás Ducoté is co-founder and director general of CIPPEC (Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth), one of the leading think tanks in Argentina.


Rick Waugh

Rick Waugh has been president and CEO of Scotiabank since 2003.


Carlos Basombrio

Carlos Basombrio is a sociologist at the Instituto de Defensa Legal in Lima, Peru, and a former vice-minister of the Interior Ministry.


Edmundo Paz Soldán

Edmundo Paz Soldán is an associate professor of Latin American literature at Cornell University. His latest novel translated into English is Turing’s Delirium. He co-edited Bolaño Salvaje, a compilation of essays about Roberto Bolaño.

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