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A Munduruku tribal leader. Photo: Maria Tama/Getty

A Batalha Pela Amazônia

Nosso barco deslizava calmamente sobre o rio Tapajós, quando, de forma inesperada, a monotonia hipnótica da Amazônia foi quebrada por pequenos corpos saltando na água. Um punhado de crianças da tribo local Munduruku havia se pendurado em árvores ao longo da margem do rio. Ao nos ver chegando, elas pularam na água escura, subiram a … Read more


Ask the Experts: The Environment

Hal Harvey Answers: The threat of climate change is our greatest environmental challenge. But the trend of increasing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is not a fait accompli. A small number of highly effective policies can put us on track for a stable climate and a sustainable energy future. And all are … Read more


Growing Green

Since the time of the Conquest, conservation has taken a backseat to empire, nation-building and economic growth. The results are evident today in fragmented ecosystems, displaced communities, lost biodiversity, and altered watersheds. The toll taken by the rubber boom, for example, can be tracked a century later in the impact on species, human populations, and … Read more

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