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Here’s What Latin Americans Want to Tell the Next U.S. President

Reading Time: < 1 minuteIn AQ’s new issue, we publish memos to the next occupant of the White House – whoever he or she may be – and push back against some silly myths.
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Heal the relationship with Mexico.”

Fix the war on drugs.”

Help us lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

We asked Latin Americans: If you could tell the next president of the United States anything, what would it be? Those are just a few of the responses we’re publishing in the new issue of Americas Quarterly, entitled “Memos to the Next President.” The authors include a president, an attorney general, an indigenous activist, CEOs, experts on the region, and everyday readers like you.

You can find links to these 15 fascinating, brief, to-the-point memos below.

Taken together, the memos provide a snapshot of a diverse and rapidly changing region of 540 million people – and how the United States can better relate to it not as a threat, but as a partner and a place of opportunity. Indeed, the “real” Latin America has little to do with the stereotypes and myths being thrown around in this U.S. campaign cycle. We hope that by highlighting issues such as cybersecurity, corruption, protecting the Amazon and even the region’s potential as a retirement haven for Baby Boomers, we can contribute something new to the debate.

As always, the viewpoints expressed do not necessarily represent those of AQ or our publishers. But whether you’re Argentine, Colombian or American, someone who does business in the region, or the next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we believe you’ll find the memos a rich and compelling read.


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