Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

Paul Constance

Paul Constance is a writer and consultant who studies public policy problems with long time horizons, such as human fertility, ecosystem restoration and pension reform. He was born in Argentina and is based in Virginia.

Tara Hein

Hein is a Costa Rican political scientist and a public leadership analyst at VélezReyes+ and a former editorial assistant at AQ


Pablo Ortellado

Pablo Ortellado is a professor at the public policy management course at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of Universidade de São Paulo (USP).  


Alejandro Valerio

Valerio is a geopolitical risk strategist focusing on Latin America and the founder of Valerio Consulting Group, a boutique consulting firm based in Washington, DC


Andrea Ordóñez

Ordóñez is the executive director of Southern Voice, an open platform for think tanks that promotes evidence-based policy analysis by researchers from Global South countries.


Anaís Medeiros Passos

Anaís Medeiros Passos is associate professor of sociology and political science at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC).


Irma A. Velásquez Nimatuj

Velásquez Nimatuj is a journalist, analyst, and university professor. She was the first Maya-K’iche’ woman to earn a doctorate in social anthropology.


Fernanda Magnotta

Magnotta is a Senior Fellow at the Brazilian Center for International Relations and a professor and coordinator of the International Relations Program at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo.


Jack Quinn

Quinn is a new energy reporter at International Business Times UK and a former editorial assistant at AQ

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