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THE IACHR Loses An Advocate

Last week, Ambassador Guillermo Cochez permanently left his post as Panama’s permanent representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) after Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli ordered him to step down on January 17 for criticizing the delayed inauguration of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. His voice will be missed in the ongoing debate for change at … Read more


Should Paraguay be Expelled from the OAS, Mercosur and Unasur?

Last Friday, the Congress of Paraguay removed President Fernando Lugo from office. The entire impeachment process lasted a mere two days. The presidents of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Argentina rushed to describe this as a “coup d’état,” while the Brazilian and Uruguayan presidents have called for Paraguay’s expulsion from Mercosur and Unasur due to … Read more


The Summit of the Americas: Why It Matters

April is Western Hemisphere month for U.S. President Barack Obama, and the capstone event is this weekend’s Sixth Summit of the Americas, a regular meeting of the 34 democratically elected presidents and prime ministers of the hemisphere. Originally scheduled to arrive in Cartagena, Colombia, on Saturday, Obama will now arrive one day earlier to get … Read more


Dispatches: The Coup In Honduras

When more than 200 soldiers stormed the house of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya on June 28, rousted him out of bed, and gave him a one-way ticket to Costa Rica, Latin America had a gut-wrenching sense of déjà vu. In the first successful military coup since the Cold War, the region’s long nightmare with de … Read more


Recognize and Build on Our Progress

Mr. President-elect, your inauguration in January 2009 brings hope to Latin America and the Caribbean for a closer and improved relationship within the hemisphere. Unfortunately, many citizens of our region, including leaders and analysts, share the view that the prosperity of the Americas is not a high priority for the U.S. It’s a perception that … Read more

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