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Plaintiffs Discuss Alabama’s HB 56: Interviews with Isabel Rubio and Angela Wright

Judge Sharon Blackburn recently issued a one-month preliminary injunction to prevent Alabama’s controversial immigration law, HB 56, from taking effect at the beginning of this month.  The judge has now given herself until September 29 to issue another injunction or allow the law to stand. HB 56 faces three lawsuits—one from a group of civil and immigrant … Read more


Alabama HB 56: Which Way Will The Ruling Lean?

On Wednesday, at the Hugo Black courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama, federal judge Sharon Blackburn and approximately 200 others in attendance heard a full day’s worth of arguments to determine whether Blackburn should enjoin Alabama’s controversial immigration law, HB 56. The proceedings lasted longer than expected as a result of the judge’s decision to hear jointly … Read more

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