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The cover of the Supply Chains issue of Americas Quarterly, featuring a shipping container stamped with "Made in the Americas" to evoke challenges and opportunities of shifting international trade.

Novo na AQ: Uma oportunidade única para a América Latina

Um mundo em transformação abre espaço para a inclusão da região na cadeia global de suprimentos e aumento da integração regional. Mas será necessário agir para tornar isto uma realidade, como mostra a reportagem especial da AQ.


Free Trade and Poverty

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Is globalization a leading cause of rising inequality? Or does it help reduce poverty? These questions are at the heart of the major economic and social challenges confronting both high income and developing countries today. For developed industrial nations, the answers are bound to determine the outcome of the currently troubled Doha Round of trade talks—and possibly the future direction of the global multilateral trading system itself. But the stakes are no less high for developing countries.

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