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The Politics of Water

As freshwater consumption grows and the climate changes, governments, communities and corporations are facing increased pressure to act. AQ takes an in-depth look at water governance in Latin America.

Special Report

Latin America's Invisible Crisis

Droughts and other water-related challenges pose a rising threat to millions of Latin Americans. But some governments and companies are pointing the way forward.

Medellín's Other Success Story: How the City Cleaned Up Its Water

By SETH KUGEL Inside the dramatic turnaround that made Colombia's second city a model for water management.

Modern Lima Needs More Water. A Pre-Incan Technology Could Keep Taps On.

By SIMEON TEGEL To prevent a crisis in the future, Latin America's largest desert city is looking to the past.

Latin America's Water Is at Risk. Here's How Governments Are Responding.

By EMILIE SWEIGART and BEN MILLER A close look at where Latin America's water crisis is playing out, and how governments are responding.

In Brazil, Two Corporate Giants, a Drought and an Unexpected Partnership

By CECILIA TORNAGHI When a 250-year drought hit São Paulo, established rivals moved from competition to collaboration.

The Rush to Save Argentine Malbec

By LUCIA HE Climate change is making water scarce in wine country – putting an Argentine staple at risk.

In Mexico City, a Black Market for Life's Most Basic Commodity

By BENJAMIN RUSSELL What happens when water just doesn't get there? A tale of illegal taps and pipe-truck kidnappings.

How to Stop Drought from Becoming Famine

By JOSÉ GRAZIANO DA SILVA The former chief of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on how agribusiness can preserve vital resources.

How Chile's Environment Policy Is Good for Fish, and for Business

By EMILY PETSKO The country's science-based approach shows fishing can be environmentally sustainable.

Four Strategies to Protect Latin America's Water

By DAVID ROCKEFELLER JR. It's not too late for the region to take action on climate change and its toll on water.

Oil, Sewage, Heavy Metals: The Pollution Plaguing Latin America's Water

By BRENDAN O'BOYLE AQ looks at four rivers and one infamous bay that underscore Latin America's water crisis.

Crisis, Meet Opportunity: Latin America's Innovative Solutions for Clean Water

By BEN MILLER  and CECILIA TORNAGHI Latin America is turning to new technologies to address multple water crises.


AQ Top 5: Latin America's Political Satirists

Five regional figures using humor to speak truth to power.

The Gen. Z Voices Shaping Argentina's Election

By DEMIAN BIO Social media savvy and outspoken, Argentina's youngest voters are making Peronism cool again.


Music: AQ's Fall Playlist

By SEBASTIÁN ZUBIETA Two musical acts pushing the boundaries of traditional Latin American sound.

Film: Espero Tua (Re)Volta

By CECILIA TORNAGHI A new film goes behind the scenes of Brazil's politically charged youth movement.

Books: The Seventh Heaven

By ALAN GRABINSKY Author Ilan Stavans takes a journey through Jewish Latin America.

Books: The Other Side

By BENJAMIN RUSSELL A work for young adults by Juan Pablo Villalobos on the triumphs and trials of Central American migration to the U.S.


Anti-Corruption Watch

By ROBERTO SIMON and EMILIE SWEIGART How Latin America can punish corruption without killing companies.

The Long View: Isabel Perón's Unlikely Guru

By MARCELO LARRAQUY José López Rega's story shows how ordinary people sometimes gain outsized influence – and political power.

Panorama: Formalizing Domestic Workers

By FERNANDA URIEGAS An interview with Saula García, co-founder of Symplifica(Available online Oct. 29)

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