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Endnotes: The Future of Latin American Studies

Below are the endnotes from “The Future of Latin American Studies” by Charles Hale (Summer 2014 AQ).

  1. One example of this critiques comes from R. H.Bates (1997).  There are many more.
  2. A more elaborated version of this argument, on which the present reflection draws, comes from an essay co-authored with Sonia Alvarez and Arturo Arias (Alvarez, et al. 2011). 
  3. These threats, and related ones, are outlined by Robert Darnton in a recent article, “A World Digital Library Is Coming True!” in the New York Review of Books. See Robert Darnton, “A World Digital Library Is Coming True!” The New York Review of Books, May 22, 2014, <http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2014/may/22/world-digital-library-coming-true/?page=2>.
  4. For one recent, provocative summary of these debates, see:  Nicholas A. Christakis, “Let’s Shake Up the Social Sciences,” The New York Times: Sunday Review, July 21, 2013, <http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/21/opinion/sunday/lets-shake-up-the-social-sciences.html?_r=0>
  5. The organization in question is Nova Cartografia Social, founded and directed by Alfredo Wagner [e.g. (2008). See also the Nova Cartografia Website: http://novacartografiasocial.com/ The UT-based collaboration is led by Bjorn Sletto in the School of Architecture. See for example, (Sletto, et al. 2013).
  6. For the publication that emerged from the first round, see (Hale and Stephen 2013).
  7. See the Casa del Hijo de Ahuizote, documented in this blog site:  http://casadelahuizote.blogspot.com
  8. The scholar involved in this effort is Claudio Lomnitz (2014); the lead organizer of the archive is Diego Flores Magon.Digital Archive of the Guatemalan National Police Historical Archive (AHPN) <http://www.utexas.edu/cola/insts/llilas/digital-resources/ahpn.php>
  9. According to data from LASA, membership has risen steadily in this period, from around 5,000 in 2004 to over 7,000 a decade later. Thanks to LASA Executive Director Milagros Pereyra-Rojas for providing this data.
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