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Endnotes: Affordable Green Housing

Below are the endnotes form Affordable Green Housing by Wilda Escarfuller (Winter 2014 AQ.)

  1. Cesar Bouillon, Room for Development: Housing Markets in Latin America and the Caribbean (Executive Summary), March 2012 <http://www.iadb.org/en/research-and-data/publication-details,3169.html?pub_id=IDB-BR-100> (accessed January 16, 2014).
  2. World Habitat <http://www.worldhabitatawards.org/winners-and-finalists/project-details.cfm?lang=00&theProjectID=9DA03455-15C5-F4C0-99170E7D631F50E9> (accessed January 16, 2014).
  3. Third Generation Environmentalism, Measuring Low Carbon Competitiveness, <http://www.e3g.org/docs/E3G_Policy_Brief_G20_Low_Carbon_Competitiveness.pdf> (accessed January 16, 2014).
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