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WEBCAST: AQ’s Expert Panel on the Venezuelan Diaspora and COVID-19

Join AQ on April 22 for a conversation on the pandemic's effects on Venezuelan migrants in Latin America.

It’s one of the biggest transformations in Latin America’s history: more than 4.5 million migrants who have moved elsewhere in the region since 2015, mainly departing Venezuela. The response from host nations like Colombia, Peru, and Brazil has been mostly generous but is now being tested by the coronavirus, rising xenophobia, and slowing economies. What is the reality faced by Venezuelans and other migrant groups and how is it evolving during the pandemic? What are governments doing and what can they do better? Our expert panel will bring new insight to a rapidly changing situation.

The program will be livestreamed on this page
on Wednesday, April 22, at 2 p.m. ET.

For questions about the event, please contact Leonie Rauls at You can also submit a question during the event via Livestream, on Twitter tagging @AmerQuarterly, or on YouTube.

For press inquiries, please contact


  • Felipe Muñoz, Presidential Advisor for the Colombian-Venezuelan Border, Office of the Presidency, Colombia @felipemgomez8
  • Luisa Feline Freier, Assistant Professor, Universidad del Pacífico @FelineFreier
  • Lala Lovera, Founder, Fundación Comparte por una Vida Colombia @lalalovera
  • Brian Winter, Editor-in-Chief, Americas Quarterly @BrazilBrian (moderator)
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