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President Lula is seen speaking during a meeting with Brazil's 27 governors after the riots in the capital Brasilia.

The Real Risks Facing Brazil After January 8

After the failed insurrection in Brasília, authorities worry about domestic terrorism and the loyalties of Brazil’s armed forces and police, writes AQ’s editor-in-chief.

REACTION: A Third Term for Brazil’s Lula

A stunning turnaround for the leader comes just days short of the third anniversary of his leaving jail—and marks the first time an incumbent loses reelection in Brazil.

What If Jair Bolsonaro Wins?

Once deemed unlikely, reelection would allow Brazil’s president to double down on his cultural agenda and bring an uncertain outlook for foreign policy and the economy.

General Freire salutes Bolosnaro during a celebration at Army headquarters in Brasilia.

The Imminent Election Crisis in Brazil

Still trailing in polls, Bolsonaro seems determined to stay in power. AQ’s editor-in-chief examines potential scenarios for the confrontation ahead.

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