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AQ Podcast: Making Sense of Venezuela’s Elections

Another crossroads in Venezuela, as Maduro negotiates with Washington on conditions for elections in 2024.
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Venezuela is reaching a critical moment as the country’s opposition prepares to choose its candidate in primaries on October 22. The winner will run against Nicolás Maduro in a general election next year. On this week’s episode, AQ‘S Brian Winter speaks to Ana Vanessa Herrero, The Washington Post correspondent in Caracas, about what the opposition and Maduro’s endgame could be and how talks with the U.S. on conditions for free and fair elections are playing out as Venezuelans endure an uncertain environment, a recessive economy and an annual inflation above 400%.

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Ana Vanessa Herrero is a reporter for The Washington Post based in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Brian Winter is the editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly.  

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