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AQ Podcast: The Importance Of Paraguay

Following Santiago Peña’s victory in presidential elections, a look at how Paraguay impacts the rest of the region, how it fits into the U.S.-China competition and why Paraguayan voters chose more of the same


How a Competitive Primary Race Could Shape Paraguay’s Future

ASUNCIÓN – When Paraguayans go to the polls on Dec. 17 to choose their parties’ candidates for April’s presidential race, incumbent President Horacio Cartes will not – despite his best efforts – be on the ballot. But Cartes’ legacy, shaped partly by his controversial push for re-election and the protests it sparked, will be. That’s … Read more


Survivors of a Massacre in Paraguay Looking for Justice, Five Years Later

Marina Cué, a lightly-wooded parcel of land amid stunted fields of soybean in the district of Curuguaty, eastern Paraguay, seems like an oasis of calm today. But the casings from high-calibre rounds that locals still find in the grass tell a different story: that of a forced eviction here involving 300 heavily-armed police and a … Read more

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