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Policy Wonk Corner: The New Europeans

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Latin Americans are migrating to Europe in increasingly larger numbers. As a result, immigration has come to loom large on the European public policy agenda—much as it has in the United States. Experts have warned that, as the numbers continue to grow, European government policies are likely to get less “immigrant-friendly.” At a December 2008 meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, the Euro-Latin American Network of Governability for Development (REDGOB) examined the implications of this increased migratory flow on political stability.

Members of REDGOB, which links European and Latin American research and academic centers, focused in particular on the June 2008 directive passed by the European Parliament that encourages the voluntary return of undocumented immigrants and examined the impact of expatriates on their home countries…

Tags: Asuntos del Sur, Eduardo J. Vergara B., Immigration, Immigration to Europe, Latin Americans in Europe
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