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Closing the Gender Gap

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How to Close Latin America's Gender Gap by 2030

Five ideas for how Latin America can pursue the best post-COVID recovery plan possible: equality for men and women.

How Banks Can Break Down Barriers for Women

By ERNESTO TORRES CANTÚ Improving access to credit for women entrepreneurs can help Latin America recover from the pandemic.

Don’t Forget About Silvia

By BRIAN WINTER  A personal story about genius-level talent - and what it needs to fully thrive.

Let’s Get Creative: Innovative Ways to Finance Women in Latin America

By MARIA-NOEL VAEZA Building an investor ecosystem for female entrepreneurs can help close persistent funding gaps.

AQ's Top 5 Champions of Gender Equality

AQ highlights five distinguished individuals who have used their careers to help close the gender gap.

The Many Faces of Good Mentorship

By SUSAN SEGAL  Mentors are an asset to women in Latin America and beyond. They often find us unexpectedly.

Five Ways to Elevate Women in Business

By MARGARET ROSE GRIGSBY Organizations can take these steps to ensure women get the visibility they need to thrive - and inspire others to follow.

The “Laboratory” Closing Latin America’s Tech Gender Divide

By MITRA TAJ Organizations like Laboratoria are helping working-class women join the insular world of computer programming.

What Has Changed for Latin American Women in STEM?

By EMILIE SWEIGART Despite some progress, the picture remains mixed, a longtime observer says.

Luiza Trajano’s Courageous Efforts to Fight Domestic Violence

By CECILIA TORNAGHI One of Brazil’s largest retailers has launched an audacious program to help victims - both customers and employees.

Having Strong Gender Violence Laws Isn’t Enough

By ROSA CELORIO Latin America has passed noteworthy laws to protect women. Implementing them has been harder.

The Rising Role of Women in the Hemisphere’s Militaries

By AMB. JEAN MANES and ADM. CRAIG S. FALLER Women are key to making security stronger for everyone.

Come On, Guys: It's Time Men Got More Involved at Home

By HUGO ÑOPO Men must do a greater share of household work for gender equality to become a reality.

How to Transform Childcare in Latin America

By LEONIE RAULS and ROBERTO SIMON  The examples of Chile and Colombia can help others in the region, but don’t expect one-size-fits-all solutions.

She Dared to Run: The Unlikely Story of Prudencia Ayala

By ISABEL CASTILLO Two decades before fellow Salvadoran women could vote, Prudencia Ayala became the first woman to run for president in Latin America.

When Do Quotas in Politics Work? Latin America Offers Lessons.

By JENNIFER M. PISCOPO The region shows that if done right, quotas can dramatically boost women’s numbers in Congress and beyond.

What It's Really Like to Be a Female Candidate in Latin America

By BETILDE MUÑOZ-POGOSSIAN and FLAVIA FREIDENBERG Women running for office still face barriers almost unimaginable to men, but innovative tools can help.


Anti-Corruption Watch

By ROBERTO SIMON and EMILIE SWEIGART A bill in the U.S. Congress may create a special fund to support anti-corruption worldwide. What’s at stake for the region?

Panorama: The Double Crises in Ecuador's Amazon

By LEONIE RAULS Environmental lawyer María Espinosa reflects on the impact of the pandemic and an oil spill.


Music: AQ's Fall 2020 Playlist

By SEBASTIÁN ZUBIETA AQ's last playlist of 2020 features a group of Brazilian performers who met a difficult year head-on.

Film: Song Without a Name

By CARLOS AGUILAR In director Melina León's debut, a woman's personal tragedy speaks to the wider costs of Peru’s internal conflict in the 1980s.

Television: Argentine TV’s New Normal

By JORDANA TIMERMAN The pandemic is forcing the country’s film and television industry to get (even more) creative.

Books: America through Foreign Eyes

By GREGORY WEEKS A review of Jorge Castañeda's latest book, where he offers clues to what drives the U.S.-Latin America relationship.  
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