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Latin American Women Driving Region’s Prosperity

Women are increasingly becoming Latin America’s key development partners. Moms, students, working professionals and women from all walks of life are the driving force behind a gender revolution that has made huge contributions to our region’s prosperity. Over the last decade, Latin American countries have made big strides in reducing poverty and bringing down inequality. … Read more


Corporate Inclusion

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In addition to traditional ways of thinking about corporate social responsibilities, businesses are also recognizing the internal dimensions of CSR. Management and market considerations are beginning to drive the greater representation of women in high levels of corporate decision making, and the results are showing.

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Listen to Latin America’s Women

The challenges facing the president of the U.S. are not those of a new administration, but of a new age. Global sustainability, peace and respect for human rights in a diverse world are the foremost issues confronting the new generation of leaders in Washington. The next president will be dealing with an increasingly complex Latin … Read more

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