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Speaking Guaraní, Don Quixote Rides into Paraguay

Don Quixote is riding into Paraguay, but he’s not just tilting at windmills. The idealistic knight from La Mancha has a new quest: to defend the indigenous Guaraní language. The first-ever Guaraní translation of Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel Don Quixote was completed in June by a team of four Paraguayan scholars who labored eight years … Read more


[i]AQ[/i] Up Close: East Meets South

Mexico’s Chinese population and links between the two cultures continue to grow as new business and trade opportunities bring the two countries together. In these “AQ Up Close” videos, Americas Quarterly speaks with the director and instructor of the Instituto Confucio (Confucius Institute) in Mexico City about the linguistic interest that Mexicans are displaying toward … Read more

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