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AQ's editor-in-chief talks with the ratings agency's chief analyst for Brazil on what the country's fast-moving crisis will mean for its economy.

On Tuesday President Dilma Rousseff announced a series of stimulus measures to kick-start the Brazilian economy.

If recession-wary governments succumb to protectionism, a decade of growth could be reversed. Here's how to keep the momentum going.
Economic success has left many countries unable to compete with either low-wage exporters or high-tech producers.
The best crime-fighting strategy? Improve economic opportunities for all.
How to meet the challenge of youth unemployment and under-employment in the hemisphere.

The government of Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner asked Central Bank President Martín Redrado to leave his post on Wednesday after he refused her request to transfer $6.6 billion in Central Bank reserves to help pay government debts.


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