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A change at the Justice Ministry triggers concerns over political interference in the Petrobras probe.
Also: Ayotzinapa revisited; Colombia's 7 GW energy imports; the OAS Secretary General in China; and more.
The arrest of a top political adviser signals a growing threat to Rousseff's presidency.
Inside the city's favelas during an Olympic year - and a recession.
The country has deployed 300,000 health agents to help eliminate mosquito breeding grounds, says Brazil's ambassador to the United States.
The federal judge behind Brazil’s biggest-ever corruption probe is part of a broader cultural shift.
An innovative social media campaign in Brazil encourages women to speak out.
Will Dilma Rousseff survive? Keep a close eye on the streets, AQ's editor-in-chief writes.
Why saving the Amazon is good for business, as well as the environment – a video by Americas Quarterly.
A trip to the Amazon ends in violence for AQ’s editor-in-chief.