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A change at the Justice Ministry triggers concerns over political interference in the Petrobras probe.
Inside the city's favelas during an Olympic year - and a recession.
The region's leading prosecutors and activists explain how they did it – and what more needs to be done.
Middle Eastern immigration has influenced some of Latin America's most iconic traditions.
When Ali Jeratli arrived in São Paulo in February 2014, the Syrian refugee understood just one word of Portuguese: bem-vindo (welcome).
Experts from across the region recommend ways to improve refugee resettlement.
The country has deployed 300,000 health agents to help eliminate mosquito breeding grounds, says Brazil's ambassador to the United States.
The federal judge behind Brazil’s biggest-ever corruption probe is part of a broader cultural shift.
Dilma Rousseff has the support to block impeachment – for now.
An innovative social media campaign in Brazil encourages women to speak out.