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Americas Quarterly is the premier publication dedicated to politics, business and culture in the Western Hemisphere, with a focus on Latin America. In June 2015, AQ relaunched to reach a wider audience, placing greater emphasis on the storytelling, imagery and personalities that make the region such a beautiful, exciting place. We've also expanded our coverage of business, culture and the arts. Our readers have responded, with website traffic up over 80 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year.

Market your company or organization to our influential readers:

  • Top executives at Latin American multinationals and Fortune 500 companies investing in Latin America
  • Senior policymakers in Washington, D.C., Brasilia, Mexico City and beyond
  • AS/COA members, including over 200 high-profile multinational corporations actively engaged in the region
  • A truly Americas-wide audience of business travelers from Canada all the way to Tierra del Fuego
  • Prominent journalists and experts in the media
  • Thought leaders at universities
  • Frequent, high-profile travelers to Latin America

AQ is distributed to Council of the Americas Latin American City conferences throughout the hemisphere, at the Miami Bravo awards, to embassies in the United States and throughout the region, at VIP club rooms of America Airlines, US Airways and Delta Airways, and at 200 Barnes & Noble Bookstores across the country. Our circulation rate is 16,000 print copies, with an average of 75,000 users and over 114,000 page views per month on our website.

Advertising and sponsored content opportunities are available in both print and web editions of AQ.

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