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Advertising with Americas Quarterly offers a unique opportunity to reach an elite audience of business leaders, government officials and thought leaders across the Americas. AQ’s print magazine is published four times a year with a circulation of 15,000, while its digital audience has doubled to an average of 120,000 unique views per month.

Market your company or organization to our influential readers:

  • Heads of state, members of Congress, ambassadors and senior policymakers in Washington, Mexico City, Brasília and other capitals.
  • CEOs, CFOs and top executives of Latin American multinationals and Fortune 500 companies
  • Council of the Americas members – high profile multinational corporations actively engaged in the region
  • Prominent journalists in the U.S. and Latin American media
  • Thought leaders at top universities

AQ is distributed at AS/COA Latin American Cities Conferences throughout the hemisphere; the Council of the Americas Symposium and BRAVO Business Awards in Miami; embassies in the United States and throughout the region; VIP club rooms of American Airlines and Delta Air Lines; and 75 Barnes & Noble bookstores across the country.

Advertising and sponsored content opportunities are available in both print and web editions of AQ.

Please contact Sarah Bons at for more information on advertising and/or corporate sponsorship.