Public-private partnerships

AQ Video: Holistic Community Development in Central Brazil with Bunge Foundation

January 24, 2012

by AQ Inclusion

In the Brazilian state of Tocantins, learn about how Bunge Foundation—through a program called Integrated Community—is spurring sustainable territorial development both socially and economically. Currently, the program exists in three cities in Tocantins: Pedro Afonso, Tupirama and Bom Jesus do Tocantins.

Bunge Foundation undertakes a three-pronged approach:

1)    Forging relationships with the community, which then promotes awareness of the Bunge enterprise in the region and also helps the enterprise become part of the community.
2)    Strengthening public institutions such as municipal councils and tax and budgetary authorities, in order to develop sustainable infrastructure. 
3)    Lending support for human and social development, which strives to promote community development through occupational training and development of suppliers, among other actions.

Learn more about Integrated Community on Fundação Bunge's official website.

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AQ Video: Why Does Development Matter to Business?

January 20, 2012

by AQ Inclusion

In October 2011, USAID convened a forum of business leaders to discuss the importance of public-private partnerships and specifically why PPPs are integral for international development. Panelists included representatives from Merck, Swiss Re America Holding Corporation and Cargill.

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AQ Video: Entrepreneurial and Corporate Engagement in Brazil's Public Schools

October 25, 2011

by AQ Inclusion

Learn about how Parceiros da Educação (Education Partners)—a public-private partnership in Brazil—enlists businesses and entrepreneurs to support and work with public schools to monitor educational progress.

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