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Public-private partnerships
What business can (and should) do to lower the temperature.

In the Brazilian state of Tocantins, learn about how Bunge Foundation—through a program called Integrated Community—is spurring sustainable territorial development both socially and economically.

In October 2011, USAID convened a forum of business leaders to discuss the importance of public-private partnerships and specifically why PPPs are integral for international development. Panelists included representatives from Merck, Swiss Re America Holding Corporation and Cargill.

Learn about how Parceiros da Educação (Education Partners), a public-private partnership in Brazil, enlists businesses and entrepreneurs to support and work with public schools to monitor educational progress.

Businesses are beginning to promote educational reform. Unfortunately, insufficient funding and stifling bureaucracies hold them back.
The Partners Forum is spurring governments, NGOs and the private sector to collaborate against a scourge that affects 250 million people in the hemisphere.

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