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Democracy & Elections
The Trump administration should take a tougher line with Havana if it wants to ease Venezuelans’ suffering.
Sunday's first-round presidential vote reveals significant shifts in Colombia's political landscape.
Soaring coca cultivation and a troubled peace deal will demand attention, but most voters are worried about other priorities.
The Mexican frontrunner’s debate performances may simply be brandishing his anti-establishment bona-fides with voters.
To trigger a transition, the government’s beleaguered opponents will likely need to turn up the pressure.
AQ's panel of experts discusses Venezuela's political and economic outlook – and what's next for the country.
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's resignation has given leftists an opportunity in Peru. But recent history suggests an uphill climb to power.
The ruling party held the presidency, but a close race and poor turnout suggest challenges ahead.
Raúl Castro handed off the presidency to his vice-president Miguel Díaz-Canel, leaving Cubans to speculate on the true impact of the shift.
Costa Rica’s result may yield clues for upcoming votes in Brazil, Mexico and elsewhere.


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