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Latin American Youth

Latin Americans coming of age today have more opportunities – and higher aspirations – than their parents. But many of the old hurdles remain.


  • Why Governments Should Spend More of Their Money on the Young

    by Monica de Bolle
    Joblessness among the young is holding Latin America back, even as governments focus spending on the old.
    Available online soon.
  • We've Been Here Before: An Interview with Fernando Henrique Cardoso

    by Brian Winter
    What today's activists can learn from protesters past – like Brazil's former president, a protagonist of two great periods of upheaval.
    Available online soon.
  • AQ Top 5: Latin American Journalists

    by AQ Online
    Available online soon.
  • The Forgotten Betrayal of Southern Brazil’s Black Revolutionaries

    by Andrew Jenner
    A 19th-century massacre reveals fault lines coursing through Brazil today.
    Available online soon.
  • Great Expectations: What's It Like to Be 18 in Latin America?

    by Juliana Barbassa and Brian Winter
    In AQ’s new issue, our special report on a generation that wants it all – but may struggle to achieve it.
    Full text available.
  • Today's Latin American Dream: A Decent Job

    by Brandee McHale and Azita Berar Awad
    Youth unemployment is rising fast. Here's a plan on how to tackle it.
    Available online soon.
  • Where Is the Latin American Macron? A Look at Chile

    by Brian Winter
    Latin America is young – the median age is 30 – but many of its presidents are past retirement age. AQ's editor-in-chief looks for the next generation.
    Available online soon.


  • Poll: Kids These Days

    AQ uses Ipsos data to look at how different youngsters today are from their parents when it comes to schooling, marriage and more.


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