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Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: How One Brazilian City Is Rescuing the Amazon

Why saving the Amazon is good for business, as well as the environment – a video by Americas Quarterly.
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It's 2015, so we all know by now that protecting the rain forest is good for the environment. But it turns out it's good for business too, as this video shows.

The staff of Americas Quarterly traveled to Paragominas, Brazil and spent a few days talking to people about why a policy of "zero deforestation" has worked there. Our guide was Beto Veríssimo, the co-founder of Imazon, who wrote a great piece about this very topic in the Amazon issue of AQ.

The video looks at how the city has gone from one of the country's worst offenders on deforestation to one of its leaders. It's a colorful look at a problem seen in many places around the world.

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