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Evolving Public Concerns in Latin America

By Rachelle Krygier

The Chile-based pollster Latinobarómetro asked people across the region: What is the most important issue in your country? Crime and unemployment were the most common answers in 2016, with the latter clearly more of a concern across the region compared to five years ago. In Ecuador, worries have shifted from security to the economy, due perhaps to the commodities slowdown. In contrast, in Peru, the percentage citing crime more than doubled to 55 percent. The most striking story comes from Venezuela, where a significant majority considered public security the main issue in 2011. Crime has only gotten worse, but people now point to scarcity of goods as a graver burden.

Just the Numbers

SOURCE: Informe Latinobarómetro 2016 Análisis Online, www.latinobaró

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A look at Latin Americans' evolving priorities shows that economic issues now eclipse crime as people's top concern in many countries.